Mint julep

Pride of the Kentucky Derby; this drink is one of the oldest cocktails in the World. Starting with a big hit of sweet bourbon, you will then be immediately refreshed by the delicious and delicate fresh mint. 

A timeless classic.

Whiskey sour

From the heart of the United States we bring you another classic. This delicious mix of whiskey, lemon juice, sugar and egg white transforms into a silky smooth, invigorating drink. 

A "dangerously easy to drink" little number. 


All the way from Cuba comes the timeless and ultimately refreshing Mojito, originally made to cure illness. White rum, mint, limes, sugar and a dash of soda is just what you need to make it summer again. 

Crisp, citrusy and a big hit of mint.


Named after Count Camillo Negroni, this drink is a superb balance of bitter and dry. Combining Gin, Campari and sweet vermouth to create a sensational and delicious beverage. 

Highly recommended (not for namby-pambys).

Old fashioned

This drink is for the patient, but oh so worth it. A strong blend of whiskey, sugar, bitters and orange will warm the soul and satisfy any discerning palate.

A whiskey lover's dream and the bartenders best friend. 


The Sazerac dates back to around the mid 1800's in New Orleans at a little coffee shop, It's creation synonymous with the pharmacist and apothecary, Antoine Peychaud. The Peychaud's aromatic bitters combines fabulously with cognac, rye, and a rinse of absinthe. 

A variety of twists are available on request.

Horse & co

This fantastical balance of sweet, sour, and bitter will probably change your life. The Horse & co combines fresh mint with a burst of citrus, and a warming spicy cognac finish.

Beware - this one's addictive!

Rum Raisin Sour

This classic with a twist combines rich, warming rum with citrus, ginger, spice, and Dubonnet (plus a dash of egg white for good measure). The outcome? A refreshing, silky smooth beverage with hints of rum and spice.

Taste of the festive season (or for any reason).

Cucumber & Elderflower Gimlet

Taken from a classic and re-hashed for the beautiful patrons of Wonder Horse, this drink is a super refreshing blast of Hendricks, cucumber, lime, and elderflower!

The ultimate thirst-quencher is here.

The O'Neill

A refreshing hit of Gin, rounded off fabulously with orange, lemon, and spice. A must try for gin lovers!

Caution: contains awesomeness.


As made famous by the Professor Jerry Thomas, a flamboyant mix of whiskey, sugar and water. The concoction is then set alight, and poured between to sliver mugs (thus the blazing). Now the original is delicious, but perhaps for the more daring of you, why not try one of our twists on this fabulous classic!

Go on, you know you want to.


Meaning "country drink" and incorporating the "spirit of Brazil", this drink is perfectly simple and refreshing. Cachaca, limes, sugar and crushed ice? 

What more could you want?!


A Russian twist on the Brazilian classic (see above). A simple blend of vodka, limes and raw sugar with plenty of crushed ice. Too easy to drink and a great session drink.

Settle in for the night.


The daiquiri is a Cuban classic with more variations and recipes than you can shake a stick at. So either ask us for a twist on a classic or enjoy it the old school way! Variable blends of White Rum, fresh lime juice(potentially some grapefruit even) and sugar. 

Lots of history in this drink!


Named after the mode of transport a WW1 Captain arrived in when frequenting a bar in Paris, this stunning drink is complex and very slightly on the sour side of balanced. Those with a sweet tooth may prefer with a sugar rim, or a twist of lemon. 

Minimalist style, no decoration.

Corpse Reviver No.2

It is said that two of these will revive the corpse, however four taken in swift succession will 'unrevive' the corpse again! A favourite of ours; a well balanced mix of Gin, Cointreau and Lillet with zesty lemon and absinthe just shinning above the other ingredients.

Become one of the walking dead!

Dark Cherry manhattan

A sweet twist on a classic. A warming mix of cherry, whiskey, and vermouth combine to soothe the body and soul!

Welcome to the dark side.

Cherry Kola Sour

This sweet and spicy, daiquiri-esque, explosion of flavour is sure to remind you of childhood and candy. Refreshing White Rum, lime, cherry, and SBS Kola Nut syrup served short over ice.

Tastes like sour coke bottle lollies...

Smokey Rob Roy

Named after the Scottish equivalent of Robin Hood, this drink is a careful balance of whisky, sweet vermouth, and bitters. This warm and rich concoction comes served in a manuka-smoked glass (because fire is exciting).

Och Aye!

El Guapo

This "lady's man" of drinks sports charred pineapple, tequila, chartreuse, lemon and bitters. Being ultimately a refreshing drink, there is also a good balance of sweetness from the pineapple.

Easily adaptable, and great for tequila fans and foes alike!